Taylor swift shoes

OMG!!!!!! I would die for a pair of these designer shoes by Taylor Swift she is one of my role models but I NEVER have enough money to get shoes like this…if anyone is wondering where to buy them, well I saw them in Novo which is a shoe shop with really cool shoes.In Canberra novo is in Woden,Belconnen,and in the Canberra city. But if you don’t live in Canberra im sure they will have these lovely shoes in another shop, or online!


Selena performs at the mtv awards

Selena wowed everyone at the mtv awards when she performed her single come and get it i loved it the song is great and she did a wonderfull dance to it!

Despicable Me

Its finally here!!! Despicable me 2 is here..as if the first one wasnt enough!! The movie is now out in all cinemas around Australia..but not in 3D (unfortunatly).So go on down to watch the wonderfull movie! If you loved the first one, you will love this one!I cant wait until it comes out on dvd!! Comment if you have seen it or are as exited as i am below…Zahra.


Spongebob is such a funny tv show…it one for favourite animated tv show on the 2013 and 2011 nickolodeon kids choice awards!!!! LoL this funny meme…

Peyton List

Peyton is such a talented actress she is one of my fav actresses! She is in, diary of a wimpy kid-rodrick rules, remember me, jessie( disney channel), diary of a wimpy kid-dog days and probably has more to come! Keep it up peyton!